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Testimonials for Restorative Parenting

“I am so thankful to know there is a resource for parents like this. This class is modern, emotional, and real and provides so much information to use in all of our relationships.”
R.S. Denver, CO
“I really enjoyed the entire flow and organization of the workshop. I liked how the experiential pieces and the information provided all seemed to connect and come back to our relationships with our children and each other. It was multidimensional and I feel like I was able to connect with everyone there in a relatively short time. Thank you for a great experience.”
K.C. Boulder, CO
“I loved being in this this workshop with you. I love the poster with the 7 essential aspects. If such a poster hadn't existed yet, I would have made it myself. I'm in awe of the words you've chosen, every single one is so perfect. I would definitely attend another Restorative Parenting workshop that builds on this one. As I said, I really enjoyed being with you, "I didn't feel unsafe", on the contrary, you made me feel really "at home".”
K.L. Denver, CO

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