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Testimonials for Restorative Activism

The Restorative Activism workshop gave me a focus for many of my recent feelings. Through my grief I am opening to the revealing path of my activism and service to others. Your work is courageous and truthful and is very beneficial to my growth.
J. C., Longmont, CO
The calm, safe, and accepting atmosphere at the workshop allowed the participants to share deeply and authentically. I came away feeling connected and less alone in my beliefs in peace and compassion. I found the mindfulness exercises both challenging and renewing, and feel that they are an arena through which I can continue to gain clarity about how I need to engage with the world. The workshop was a beautiful experience and I will hold it in my heart as a source of inspiration.
S. S., Boulder, CO

I have been an activist for many years, but coming from a place of anger, fear and judgment.  I had never thought of being an activist in a way that is healing to myself and the planet. I am very grateful to learn how activism can be used in a transformative, restorative manner.  I believe that this type of activism… that comes from the heart… is the way to a more peaceful and loving world.
M.G., Boulder, CO
The Restorative Activism workshop was powerful and moving. It gave me the tools to access my "higher self" instead of my ego. As a result I was able to repair and hopefully strengthen a difficult relationship with my daughter.
C. M., Boulder, CO

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the workshop on Restorative Activism. There was such clear commitment and vision in the flow of activities, from the lighthearted to the profound. It was very refreshing to realize that so many people understand the need to synthesize spiritual principles with their actions in the world.  The environment created in the workshop was an inspired collaboration. Thank you!
B.B., Boulder, CO



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