Service and Activism

 My activism pays the rent on being alive and being here on the planet. If I weren’t active politically, I would feel as if I were sitting back eating at the banquet without washing the dishes or preparing the food.           —Alice Walker

The foundational restorative practices of mindfulness, nature-based practices, and relationship skills soften the boundaries between ourselves and others – other people, other species, and the earth itself. This expanded sense of self and interrelatedness leads to a natural desire to give back to the world in some way.
Through the self-awareness and confidence developed through restorative practices we are in a position to be of real service to others and our communities. We can offer our time and energy in a way that is more about giving and less about getting some personal benefit or hoped for result. This type of service contributes to our psychological and spiritual health.
Activism is a form of service that focuses on fundamental system change. The Colorado Center For Restorative Practices has developed Restorative Activism as a pathway for activists interested in sustainable and effective nonviolent social change. For more information see the website for the Center for Restorative Activism
We offer coaching and workshops that can help you connect with meaning and purpose through service and activism.

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