Restorative Parenting

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     We have synthesized a broad range of powerful teachings into a model of parenting that honors relationship and communication, bridging psychological theory with the human experience of being a parent. To inquire about our coaching program, call John Ehrhart at 303-395-1904.

7 Ways to Transform the Parent-Child Relationship



Developing positive connections that transcend competing forces


Promoting healthy maturation of children and self


Ability to connect with feelings and needs being expressed


Capacity to stay with what is happening in the present moment, without reacting


Taking 100% responsibility for the state of ones life and ones relationships


Willingness and the skillful means to repair the harm


Prioritize relationships over all else

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  **See attached PDF files below, with 28 restorative parenting affirmations.

7 Essential Aspects.pdf39.41 KB
28 Affirmations.pdf29.87 KB

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