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Taking it to the Streets

I had just started to think about getting myself to NYC to participate in the Occupy Wall Street protest http://occupywallst.org/ when I learned about the October 2011 gathering in DC http://october2011.org/livewelcome. That pushed me over the edge. So I’m heading out on Monday to spend two weeks in NYC and DC -- learning, supporting, interviewing, writing, and whenever possible and appropriate, teaching restorative activism and its foundational practices. I find myself grateful once again to Democracy Now for informing me and so many others about these events and what’s really happening in the world. I’ll remember Amy’s advice this morning to wear a clown nose and come on completely whacked if I want to be interviewed by mainstream press.

Restorative activism has ripened steadily and is ready for ground-truthing. The message I carry has two main themes. The first is that the belief in separateness is the root cause of the many crises we face. The belief that we are separate from each other, from other species, and from the earth has whispered in the ears of “civilized” peoples for hundreds of years that peace, justice and taking care of the earth aren’t important. It’s deeply rooted and we’re all on the hook so finger pointing doesn’t help.
The second theme is that we can cultivate direct experience of interrelatedness and undermine the belief in separateness. Mindfulness, nature-based practices, relationship skills and practice, and service/activism (conscious, consistently nonviolent, and sustainable service/activism) are cornerstones for restoring ourselves and society. I think this work can be glue that helps hold broad-based movements together. I also think it can help transform into empowerment the anger and outrage being felt and expressed by so many people. We’ll see.
I’ll start in NYC and work my way to DC and then back to NYC. It is very much an exploration and I feel that uncomfortable and humbling groundlessness, as well as the excitement that comes from connecting to purpose. If any of this captures your attention please join me and the Colorado Center for Restorative Practices on Facebook and follow me on twitter @peacemakerscott and on my blog. I’ll write when I can.
John has posted a very kind and supportive page on our website where you can contribute financially to my trip:
Thanks for the support!

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