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How to Survive Disasters Beyond your Control

Suffering arises from attachment to desires.
Desire for peace, good health, happiness
seems so reasonable but is desire nonetheless.
Your level of attachment 
is proportional to your suffering.
You think oil spills and many other things shouldn't happen.
But humanity is setting it up so they will
and so they do.
Of course they do.
There’s a bigger picture too.
Groundlessness is the essence of reality.
Not Knowing is the most workable stance.
It's delusion to think you know
what should and shouldn't happen,
as there are larger Cosmic Forces in play.
Still, you grieve and get angry
because you love this world.
Still, you try to change things.
Be vigilant about attachment to outcomes
and you will suffer less.
These things will continue to happen.
Things will get worse before better.
This is because of our basic psychology
the belief that we are separate from nature
and each other.
There are no quick fixes.
It's a marathon, not a sprint.
You must take care of yourself
build a foundation of resilience and restoration.
Grieve and get angry
and then get on with your work
which is Life Itself.
Continually remembering
you do your best to manifest
the unique gifts that are your vehicle
for bringing your values into the world.
You do what you can and get used to it never feeling enough.
Look at the source of
the clinging, the attachment.
Face it head on and dissolve it into
your most essential essence
beyond right and wrong, good and bad.
Remember to breathe.
Follow the attachment and see where it leads.
Then get up and do your best.
We'll do it together.

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