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On the ground in DC

I spent my first full day with the October 2011 people yesterday. They are surviving the rain and are an impressive group wiith a strong contingent of Vietnam-era veterans.  Their spot in Freedom Plaza includes a full frontal view of the Capitol building. This is the older crowd with the young folks of Occupy DC holding down a different square closer to the White House. I went to the Occupy DC camp  and got some support from the guy struggling to maintain the kitchen to come and talk about sustaining our activism at 2:00 this afternoon.
At 6:00 p.m. the October 2011 group holds its General Assemblies. I attended my first one last night and found myself facilitating the meeting of about 70 people. It's all too predictable that tensions have arisen between the two groups. The need for disarmament to begin within each of us is as true today as ever. Today I leave the comfort of my friend's beautiful home -- and the bliss of having a bed to sleep in and a roof over overhead during the last two days of rain and even a tornado watch -- and join the encampment full time.
Before the GA the group heard from Patch Adams, doctor of love and peaceful revolution. He was very inspiring and radical in his uncompromising stance toward love. If it's love that you want then just stop holding it back is how I might sum up his message. So easy to lose sight of it as we go about our lives and this is as true for activists as anyone.

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