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The integral quadrants represent an intention to be aware of and pay attention to the interior and exterior, subjective and objective as well as the individual and collective components of the reality we are presented with. The perspectives of the individual, the relationships, the community, objective scientific inquiry, and cultural and organic systems, and their inter-relational significance, are all taken into account.
The significance of this to Restorative Parenting is that we are expanding and opening our perspective to receive truth as it comes in rather than forcing our version of the truth on the situation.  Truth is something that we open to, not something we already know – the suggestion that parenting at the highest levels happens in the now supports this view, that we are not carrying around the answers in our brief case, but improvising them, in the moment, based on the information that presents itself to us.  This is what makes parenting a practice – we practice being fully present in all situations so that we can promote our highest ideals in any given moment.  This is not to say that existing data is not valuable.  Part of the integral art is to skillfully apply known information to our analysis. Nevertheless, regardless of what statistical or observable information we have going in, successful parenting occurs when we are open, vulnerable and tuned in to what is being presented in the moment.  When we practice this, we are practicing parenting – otherwise, we are simply making cyclical references to the same outdated and superseded ideas that make all of our relationships stagnant or dead.  Relationships thrive when they are fed, and they eat soulful presence for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We must decide how important our relationships with our children are and feed them three meals a day every day for them to truly live.
By applying the AQAL framework to our approach, we make an intention to be integrally informed – this does not mean that we are perfectly informed, but that we are open to receiving new information from different perspectives and therefore growing our own.  It is for know-it-alls and non know-it-alls alike.  Integral is by definition, nonexclusive.

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