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Integral Restorative Parenting

Restorative Parenting is intended to represent an integral approach to parenting where all impacting perspectives and values are honored and all influencing paradigms are considered in an attempt at a more transpersonal approach to raising our kids, ourselves, our community, and our species toward an ever expanding context and an increasingly sustainable framework. By transpersonal approach, I am eluding to the possibility that we can transcend our personal identities, worldviews and prejudices in favor of an approach that recognizes our limitations and strives for a more open and evolved structure.  We realize that we are not at the end of our developmental evolution and as such, we are continuously opening to higher perspectives and potentials.
The integral model developed by Ken Wilber emphasizes the AQAL (pronounced aqual) framework which references all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, and all types. I will attempt to demonstrate how Restorative Parenting covers these dimensions and also how Restorative Parenting might add qualities to the discussion of what an integral parent is.
I will speak directly to the heart of the restorative parenting philosophy and leave detailed explanations of integral theory to Ken and the Integral Institute. See below to download an introduction to Integral Theory.

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