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Activism & Spirituality

Activism & Spirituality
Our activism is intricately intertwined with our spiritual development. We integrate our values of human rights and sustainability into our relationship with reality as it presents itself in the moment. How does an appreciation for nonviolent diplomatic resolution of conflict manifest itself in our daily interactions? If we do not have a deeply grounded relationship with these values on a moment to moment basis, it will be easy to sacrifice them for lesser held desires that may be pulling on us at the time. The curiosity we have about how our current experience relates to both our spiritual essence or true self and to our most deeply held values (nonviolence for example) will help us manifest those values in the moment. The degree to which we find ourselves separated from those values can inform us greatly about how we and others find ourselves not living up to those values. We often pay articulate lip service to our righteous values only to fail to represent them even while we are espousing them (the hypocrisy that comes, as a side dish, with intelligence).
We develop spiritually in our activism by both engaging in a spiritual practice that leads to a deeper understanding and relationship with our values and purpose, and by simply paying attention, on a moment to moment basis, to our current experience and keeping in mind how it relates to our true self and to our deeply held values. Recognizing our own failure to live up to our ideals can also give us understanding and compassion for others who may or may not be struggling with their own sense of integrity. We can learn to look for the deeply held values in others and bring them out, so that we are working with the context of our relationship as well as the specific content of whatever happens to be the issue. By recognizing how our current experience is both representative of and related to our true self, we manifest our deeply held values more powerfully in our efforts. The true self can be clear and truthful, but it is never without love and concern for all, so for our values to stand up to this relationship, they will be necessarily embraced by the true self. Hence, to the degree that our expressions veer from these values, we will recognize the separation, and be capable of seeing truthfully where we are, and act in a way that comes closer to representing our authentic self.

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