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5 - Equanimity (adulthood)

Even after we train our mind in concentration, we continue to have random thoughts and we tend to make judgments about those thoughts, as to whether they are good or bad. Developing the quality of equanimity is a process of freeing ourselves completely from notions of blame, justification, or the need to be right. There is a complete acceptance of everything as it is and for what it is – there is no such thing as good or bad – there is just something arising in our awareness and it has attributes that define it. It may be a child screaming for you to get them a glass of milk or a child telling you that you look nice. We just don't put extra judgments on the thing happening – it may require a response from us and we simply respond in the most skillful way possible.
Equanimity also represents an absolute understanding of reality or what might be seen as the background against which all relative phenomena occur. For us to be equanimous as parents means for us to be in touch with the most essential aspects of ourselves - the source of our potential understanding and wisdom. It also means for us to be in touch with our own mortality and the transient nature of our existence. We are here in this body for now, but we soon will not be. How will we spend this time we have? Will we spend it judging and blaming and complaining of our troubles or will we represent our inherent essence and dignity and meet the people in our lives always recognizing theirs, regardless of the circumstances?

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