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2 - Think that kids have capacities that they don't have (Development)

This is a form of egocentricity.  We have traces of magical thinking left over from our childhood and they include the assumption that everyone knows what we are thinking and that everyone sees things from our perspective and if they don't, there must be something wrong with them.  With regard to children, not only do they not see things as we do, they are often not developmentally or physically capable of either seeing things from our perspective or even understanding certain perspectives.

Through the adolescent years, the areas of the brain that govern planning and decision making (frontal cortex) and the area believed to be involved in problem solving (corpus callosum) are still undergoing dramatic growth.  Imaging studies have suggested that teenagers are still using a part of the brain responsible for reactionary gut responses (amygdala) to interpret emotional information rather than using the thinking parts (frontal cortex) as adults tend to do.

Keeping this in mind will help us communicate to children on their level. While they are not capable of rising to ours, we do have the ability to imagine what they might be going through if we consider their particular developmental stage and the typical milestones, strengths and challenges that go along with it.

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