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What Makes Restorative Relationship Unique

  1. We utilize principles and practices which create the safety and respect necessary to look deeply at the full range of negative impacts associated with the dysfunction in the relationship. We work in the present moment, from present experience, leaving old patterns of blame and justification behind.
  2. We employ mindfulness practices as a way to support staying in the present moment, and getting out of habitual thought patterns.
  3. We are family-oriented. If children are affected by the relationship, we encourage their involvement in the restoration process. We believe that having children’s voices heard directly promotes the deepest and longest-lasting change.
  4. We are community-oriented. We will ask most clients to consider a restorative circle. Restorative circles can include children, friends and/or family members who can support both of the adult “clients,” the family, and the process. Aside from their support in the circle, these friends or family members help keep the restoration process alive over time.
  5. We utilize cutting edge teachings and exercises that support profound shifts in attitudes and behaviors. These bring out our deepest truths and foster self-awareness. The teachings build inner resources that can immediately be applied toward taking greater personal responsibility and improving relationships.
  6. We will customize our services to meet your needs. We can combine individual sessions, couple sessions, family sessions, coaching, and restorative circles. We also provide follow-up services and referrals that match your specific goals.
  7. When undertaken with a desire to change, Restorative Relationship is a powerful process that can help you move forward peacefully in life and relationships.

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