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There are many many different theories of development, and the thing that brings the most respected theories together is the idea that we develop in stages, that we complete one level and move onto the next, and that this process of development never ends. One of the most important considerations for us as parents is to continue to work on our own development while we support the successful development of our children.  Our development and theirs can happen both vertically and horizontally.  We can move up the ladder of development as well as broaden our mastery of the level we are at. 
We can even go back and work on lower levels.  This is something that I have been forced to do in coaching for my kid's sports teams.  Many of my experiences in sports growing up left me psychologically wounded, and when my children started to play, it all came back to me and I was forced to confront the uncomfortable feelings I had at their games and integrate them into my current self in order to support them fully in their sports experiences, so our development as parents is never ever finished – which does not need to be said, but I say it none the less.  The thing we cannot do is perceive from a higher level than we are at, so as we develop vertically, we can appreciate the increased insight and confidence that comes with it, as well as the lowered levels of fear and anxiety.  With this we see that development is good and we can support it in everyone we meet.

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