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About Restorative Relationship

Open Path's Restorative Relationship is a unique and powerful process designed to promote healthy communication, understanding, and trust. It works because it interrupts patterns of dysfunction (blame, resentment, lack of responsibility, etc.), and requires that each party look at the harm they are causing and take responsibility for it. This may seem like a tall order, and it often is, but our process makes it possible.
Utilizing a combination of principles and exercises inspired by restorative justice, nonviolent communication and peacemaking, Restorative Divorce gets to the underlying issues and blockages. You are given cutting-edge tools you can employ immediately and use for the rest of your life, tools that help you take full responsibility for your own life. We work from the assumption that once we assume responsibility for what we want, feel and do, we can move beyond blame, resentment and feeling like a victim. From this place of personal power, we can engage life as strong adults and enter into healthy communication and relationship with others.
The time to repair the harm in your relationships is Now. 
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