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2 - Concentration (development)

A principle benefit of meditation is that it develops concentration. One of the most basic and profound practices in meditation or zazen is to follow your breath. The practice of keeping our attention on a single point of focus trains the mind to stay with our present experience and relieves us of the habitual tendency to be distracted by the the endless stream of repetitive thoughts running through our heads at any given moment.
It is the reactionary thoughts and emotions that accompany them that ultimately gets in the way of parenting the way we want to. Parenting is done best when it is done in the present moment, without the influence of preconceived notions or subconscious neuroses inherited from our own childhood experiences. Concentration develops a non-attachment to the discursive thoughts threatening our openness to our present experience and this is possibly the most valuable skill we can have in life as well as parenting.

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